Jerry Cannon

I started flying in 1998 and competing in 2000, continuing to compete until 2006. I flew pairs with my wife Marcia for a few years then in 2003 I joined Team Cutting Edge.  We won a spot to go to Berck France for the World Team Sport Kite Championships.  In France we finished 3rd out of 16 teams. We won a spot to the 2005 WTSKC in Lincoln City Oregon and there we took 1st place.  In 2006 we competed again in the WTSKC back in Berck France and we defended our title, then retired from team flying. I have done a lot of competing on the indoor circuit as well.

I got involved with Team Evidence in 2011 and helped with a Night with Evidence which is an indoor performance.  I have also helped the outdoor team flying as a fill in for a missing member to practice precision figures. I like the mission that team evidence is all about and support it whole heartedly. It’s about Jesus first. l want to stay involved with Evidence and in the kiting community because the people are just great to be around and I still like to fly kites.