David Knoll

My journey with sport kites started during the summer of 1982 while at Ocean City, MD with my family. I walked into a kite shop and bought my first dual line sport kite. With no instruction and quite a few crash landings I was soon on my way to the fundamental flying of up, down, left and right with confidence.

Thirty years later, I found myself in the Seattle area still flying the same kite and looking for places to fly. This search put me in contact with a community I never knew existed...kindred spirits with one thing in common...they love to fly kites. It didn't take long to acquire multiple sport kites for outdoor and indoor flying (both dual and quad line). I am incredibly thankful, inspired and encouraged by the friendships that will continue to develop as a result of connecting with the kite community.

When Scott asked me to join Team Evidence I believe it goes way beyond my love of the sport....I believe it was a response to God allowing our lives to connect at the right place at the right time for a higher purpose. It was about taking the time to hear my heart and my belief in what God will do through this ministry. It was about my passion to connect with people through something as simple, creative, and complex as flying kites. Life is a team sport.